Monofilament is a common type of fishing line made out of strong, yet flexible plastic, that is usually clear or slightly tinted. The line is not biodegradable and can cause devastating problems to aquatic and marine wildlife if not disposed of properly. Birds and wildlife are not able to see the line and can easily become tangled in it, often dying as a result. 

Can you recycle fishing line?      

Yes! Thanks to a local Eagle Scout, you can now recycle your monofilament line at numerous Lakes and parks in Dakota County. Do your part to help protect Minnesota’s natural resources and loved lakes by recycling on the go! 

Where can you recycle fishing line?

In Apple Valley, you can find these monofilament recycling boxes at the wood post at Cobblestone lake and the wood pier at Lac Lavon Park.

In Eagan, you can find these boxes at the pier of Blackhawk Park, the metal pole and the pier of Carlson lake Park, the pier at Heine Pond Park, the Pier at Thomas Lake Park, the fence at the cluvert of Blackhawk Park, the wood post at Fish Lake Park, and the metal pole at Holz Lake.

In Burnsville you can find these boxes at the pier of Wood Pond Park and the pier at Crystal Lake. 

How is monofilament recycled?

The line is collected from the drop-off bin and all non-plastic and non-recyclable parts are removed. It is then brought to a Berkly recycling facility where the line is melted down into hard plastic pellets that can be made into other products including fish habitat crates, tackle boxes, fish tank toys, and more! Since 1990, Berkley has recycled over 9 million miles of fishing line and helped save our natural resources.  

Eagle Scouts Collecting from Drop Box

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