Businesses that generate food waste have options for disposing of this waste other than sending it to the landfill.  Starting an organics recycling program is a viable option for giving your food waste another purpose, and being an environmental steward. 

There are three main organics recycling options for businesses:

Food-to-People Programs -- Sometimes food being thrown away is edible and fine for human consumption.  This waste material can serve as a resource for food rescue organizations and can provide hunger relief for those in need in the community. This includes donating fresh or prepared food that is still good such as day-old bread or that day's leftovers. For more information visit Rethink Recycling's Food Recovery Guide. 

Food-to-Livestock Programs -- Food that is no longer safe for people to eat can still find a good use.  Food waste can be taken by a farmer to be processed into animal feed.  This includes any amount of food scraps and by-products. For more information check out Rethink Recycling's Guide and search Food to Animals. 

Organics Composting -- Food scraps and soiled paper can be collected and taken to a compost facility where it is composted and turned into a nutrient rich soil amendment. Call your hauler for organics recycling options and check out the local SET compost site in Dakota County.

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