Feel like you just have too much stuff cluttering up your home? It's easy to accumulate things, but getting organized might seem like an insurmountable task. Luckily, there are many resources for getting your unwanted things recycled and disposed of properly. View our downloadable Dive into Decluttering Guide and view the tips and locations below to get started. 


  • Set aside a small amount of time: Instead of trying to do it all at once, try to set obtainable goals to avoid getting overwhelmed. For example your goal may be "15 minutes a day sorting my office closet" or "1 hour a week cleaning the garage." 
  • Have three boxes: "Keep" "Donate/Disposal" and "Hold".  The "Hold" box is for things you think you want to get rid of, but you aren't sure.  Put the "Hold" box in a storage space (attic, closet or garage), and after 30 days, anything you haven't removed from the box probably isn't something you're actively using--and can be donated or recycled. 
  • Go digital: photos and home videos can be transferred to a digital format to go on your home computer.  Even things like play bills, ticket stubs and letters can be scanned in.
  • Take photos and move on: Collecting things can be fun, but evaluate if an old collection is taking up too much space. If you still have the collection of teddy bears from your childhood, consider taking a photo of the collection to remember it by, then donating the items for the next generation to enjoy.  Or, keep one of your favorites if you think you'd like to display it. 

Know where to throw--
resources for disposing of common unwanted items:

 Appliance recycling

[must be recycled]

Battery disposal 

Batteries, such as alkaline, button, rechargable, or car batteries [recycle]

Building materials

Building materials, such as doors, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, flooring, etc [reusable] [no longer usable]

 Carpet recycling

Carpet [recycle] [disposal]

 Clothing reuse

Clothing [thrift or consign]


Confidential Documents
[shredding services]


Christmas Lights [recycle]

electric household item recycling 

Electric items, such as vaccuums, toasters, hair dryers, etc [recycle]

 Electronics recycling

Electronics, such as TVs, VCRs, computers, etc [must be recycled]

 furniture disposal

[in good condition]
[no longer usable]

Household goods 

Household goods, such as kitchenware, decor, etc [donate]

 HHW disposal

Household hazardous waste, such as paint, cleaners, automotive fluids, etc [special disposal]

 Mattress recycling

[in good condition]
[no longer usable]

medication disposal 

Medication [drop-off at police stations]


[large quantities for drop-off]

 Scrap metal

Scrap metal, such as metal weight sets, metal lawn furniture, metal car parts, etc [recycle]


Shoes [reusable] [recycle]

 donation boxes

Toys [reusable]


For more information, or if you are interested in attending a Decluttering Workshop, call 952-895-4515 or email a DVR staff member 

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