• Garden Pots

    For the avid gardener, spring and summer means the accumulation of those black plastic garden pots.  Plastic pots take up space in landfills; they do not readily decompose and remain intact for many years. 

    Lowe's home improvement stores provide a drop-off garden pot recycling program for customers.  No matter where you purchase the plant, you can return the materials to a Lowe's Garden Center to be recycled.  Learn more on the Lowe's plastic garden pots

    Lowe's--West St. Paul
    1795 Robert St.
    West St. Paul, MN 55118

    4270 Dean Lakes Blvd.
    Shakopee, MN 55379

  • Get More Room to Recycle

    DOverflowing recycling carto you run out of room in your recycling cart at home before your recycling day? You're not alone due to the fact that more of your waste is recyclable than ever before, some families find that their recycling cart is overflowing on a regular basis.  Luckily, there are easy steps you can take to ease those recycling woes.

    Option 1. Increase cart size

    Upgrade your bin to a bigger size

    Most garbage companies will automatically give you a 65 gallon recycling cart, which gets picked up every other week. If that system doesn't work for your household, try calling your hauler and ask to upgrade to a 95 gallon recycling cart. Please inquire about fees directly with your hauler, as it will depend on your location and if you're in a townhome, homeowners association, or single-family home. (Don't know your hauler's number? Click here for a directory)

    If you are recycling more, you may also be able to downsize your garbage service. By law, garbage haulers are required to charge less for a smaller-sized garbage cart. You could save $1 to $3 per month, not to mention space in your garage!

    Option 2. Increase recycling pick-ups

    Some garbage haulers are now offering weekly recycling pick-ups which may help to reduce the overflow in the recycling bin. Call your hauler to see if that is an option available to you. 

    Option 3. Ask for a second recycling cart.

      Add a bin






    Still not enough room to recycle? Consider asking for a 2nd recycling cart. Some haulers may provide this for free, other may charge a small monthly fee.


    Did You Know?

    When your recycling cart is overflowing, it may be tempting to squish all the recyclables down to make them fit. However, this can be trouble down the line. The machines at the recycling facilidon't crush plastic containersty sort recyclables based on their dimensions--cans and bottles are three-dimensional (3D) and paper and cardboard are two-dimensional (2D). So, DO NOT flatten pop cans or plastic containers, but DO flatten your cardboard boxes. See a video about the process of sorting materials at a recycling facility.

  • Need a new recycling bin?

    Need a new recycling bin?

    Is your current recycling bin broken, missing, or are you new to the area? 

    Getting a new recycling bin is easy if you live in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, or Lakeville. Simply contact your garbage hauler to obtain a bin; haulers provide bins for their residential and commercial customers.

  • Plastic Recycling

    The "recycling symbol" on plastics as an indicator that the item is recyclable is a common misconception for many people. This number does not mean that the time can be recycled, rather it is used to denote the type of plastic the items is composed of. 

    The following guide will help you understand what types of items are made out of each type of plastic. Please note that this guide is not a definitive answer to what is and is not recycleable. It is only meant to educate on the different types of plastics and if they are generally recyclable or not.


    The best way to find out if a certain item is recyclable is to check with your specific hauler. You can find information about accepted materials of all Dakota County haulers here. 


  • Recycling Myths Debunked

    The recycling world is not immune to myths but don't let these rumors stop you from making a difference. We have compiled the biggest fibs and explained how they just aren't true. 

  • Repeat After Me: Bottles, Cans, Paper

    Recycling today seems more complicated than ever -- it's time to get Back to Basics.

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